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Items with a * in front indicates a spicy dish.

Served w. Rice  
S 21. *Dragon & Phoenix  
Chunks of crispy chicken w. brown sauce & prawns w. chili sauce on the side.  
S 22. *Jumbo Shrimp & chinese Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce  
S 23. *Sliced Ducking w. Young Ginger Root  
Tender sliced barbecued, boneless duckling served w. sweet young ginger root & mixed vegetables in hot pepper sauce.  
S 24. House Duck  
Sliced duck marinated in ginger & sauteed w. Chinese mushroom, bamboo shoots, snow peas w. delicious brown sauce.  
S 25. *Shrimp & Scallop w. Hot Pepper Sauce  
Scallop & shrimp served w. vegetables in tangy, spicy sauce.  
S 26. Beef & Scallops  
Sliced beef & fresh scallops w. water chestnuts, broccoli, mushroom in brown sauce.  
S 27. Triple Delight  
sliced beef, chicken, shrimp sauteed w. Chinese vegetables in brown sauce.  
S 28. *Capital chicken  
White meat chicken w. black mushroom & pepper, water chestnuts in special hot sauce, broccoli on the bottom.  
S 29. *Capital Shrimp  
S 30. *General Tso's Tofu  
Crispy tofu sauteed w. assorted vegetables in house special sauce.  
S 31. *Prawns & Chicken, Hunan Style  
Jumbo shrimp & chicken sauteed w. snow peas, water chestnuts, Chinese mushroom in brown sauce.  
S 32. Two Rooms Broccoli  
Black mushroom, fresh mushroom & sauteed broccoli.    
S 33. *Pan Roasted Seafood w. Salt & Pepper  
Prawns, scallops & calamari.    
S 34. *Pineapple chicken  
Sliced white meat chicken in General Tso's sauce.  
S 35. *Mango Chicken  
Sliced tender chicken sauteed w. fresh sliced mango in garlic sauce.  
S 36. *Amazing chicken  
Sliced tender chicken sauteed w. mushroom, baby corn, water chestnuts, snow peas, Chinese cabbage and chili pepper.  
S 37. *General Tso's Potatoes  
Deep fried potatoes, cubes sauteed w. mixed vegetables in General Tso's sauce, you can also choose sesame or orange flavor sauce.  
W. Shrimp  
W. Chicken  
W. Beef  
S 38. *Shrimp w. Salt & Pepper  
S 39. *Crispy Shrimp w. Walnut
Jumbo shrimp deep fried w. chili spicy sauce on the top, circled w. broccoli.  
S 40. Jumbo Shrimp & Chicken w. String Bean
S 41. Dry Sauteed Prawns w. Ginger and Scallion
S 42. Prawns w. Hot Pepper Sauce
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